Tanya Sway Talks Teethers

Tanya Sway Talks Teethers

Swiss-born mom of two Tanya Sway and founder of Avery and Me tells us why she started making her unique, sensory-stimulating teethers and pacifier holders.

Visit Tanya’s General Store shop page to view and purchase her teethers and pacifier holders.

TANYA:  As a parent you always want what’s best for your child. When our son Avery was born, I had all intentions of going back to work after my maternity leave. The time I spent being at home with with him, however, made me realize that there was so much to learn about child development and parenting in general, and our time together became so much more valuable.

I wanted to be there to give him more of my time, to help him grow and develop into a strong, free, happy child. The name ‘Avery and Me’ originated from a blog that I started to keep a diary of my own personal experiences and journey through motherhood. The idea of making my own pacifier holders came through a friend who has always inspired me. I began to make them for my son and soon my friends were asking me to make some for them. And this is how it all started.

Tanya with son Avery at age 1

Why pacifier holders? My son would always lose little things – his pacifier, his teething toy, his sippy cup, his snack cup… We have many pacifier holders to keep each item attached to him.

Not only are our pacifier holders a way great to keep the child’s items put, the different types, sizes, shapes and colors of our beads are also a wonderful for the stimulation of their young brain.


To shop Tanya’s teethers and pacifiers, visit her shop page.

To learn more about Tanya, read her heartfelt and informative blog about her pregnancy and life post-partum.

Mike Schloff Turns Local Fallen Trees into Treasures

Mike Schloff Turns Local Fallen Trees into Treasures

Introducing Mike

I’m an experienced local woodworker, parent of a 16-year-old and a 13-year-old, and founder of Maplewoodshop.  Our mission at Maplewoodshop is to bring the benefits of woodworking to as many people as possible.

Mike, in his vintage truck that he uses to haul wood and transport tools.

Turning Fallen Trees into Treasure

We live among many old trees that fall and are added to landfill each year. We have an opportunity to turn majestic, old growth trees into valuable and lasting objects. This is why we are saving wood and making objects from local maple, oak, beech, cherry, ash and other native species.

We’re bringing woodworking back to the schools.

To best achieve this goal, we are focusing our efforts on bringing hand tool woodworking back into schools, camps, STEM labs, libraries, and community centers. We are honored to have received four awards at the 2017 World Maker Faire in New York.

I’ve taught woodworking at Maplewoodshop, at Maker Faires, at a collective school in Montclair, and as an enrichment teacher at local schools.  I’m also a member of the North Jersey Woodworkers Association.

To learn more about Maplewoodshop, check out this video and visit the Maplewoodshop General Store shop.