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Marriage, Dirty Dishes, and Why I Paint Appliances

Marriage, Dirty Dishes, and Why I Paint Appliances


It started with a dishwasher.

After moving in with my boyfriend (now husband) Lee 11 years ago, I discovered our “differing philosophies” when it came to caring for dishes and dishwasher etiquette. Following a particularly heated dish-care argument, I felt compelled to paint our dishwasher.

I started viewing appliances as icons.

Lee and I started registering for wedding gifts, and I started thinking about gender roles and expectations post-marriage.  Who was supposed to use these appliances?  I noticed my friends registering for similar items, as if a stand mixer had become a pre-requisite for marriage, even if it was rarely or never used.  I felt certain appliances had become status symbols.

I even canonize some appliances by painting halos over them, and in bigger pieces I mimic the structure of early Renaissance paintings, replacing the Madonna and child with appliances.

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