Welcome to the General Store a cooperative, a co-retail marketplace with goods and services from over 100 local indie stores and makers.

You can now place orders from our website, and we’ll donate .5% of each sale to a SOMa-area PTA!

You can buy goods, services, and experiences that you already need from local indie stores and makers and a percentage will go to the SOMa PTA of your choice. PLEASE WRITE THE PTA OF YOUR CHOICE IN THE NOTES SECTION at checkout.

If you want your item delivered to South Orange or Maplewood within 2 days, please look for the “Store-to-Door Express” product tag!  Most other items will arrive in about 5 days.


We also provide curated lists of products to meet themes for school fundraiser gift baskets and tricky trays.

We’re currently working with Tuscan Elementary School and Marshall/Jefferson Elementary Schools to source products from local indie stores and makers for their spring fundraisers.