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Anna’s Picks

Meet Anna Maxwell of Kids Live to Learn Consulting.

We asked Anna to provide some feedback on the toys on our site. We value Anna’s opinion because in addition to being a warm and wonderful human being, Anna has a dual Masters of Teaching in Early Childhood Education and Childhood Education, over 10 years of experience teaching kindergarten, and currently teaches at the South Mountain Nature School.

We weren’t surprised when Anna fell in love with Grace+Eve, handmade whimsical toys that spark the imagination and inspire creative play.  She tells us here about her two favorites from Grace + Eve.

-by Anna Maxwell-

Grace + Eve Play Silks

These silks are a great staple to encourage imaginative play! They are so open ended that kids can turn them into just about anything. The other thing I like about them is that they are really easy to manage. Just keep them in a shallow basket or hang them up on a hook. Especially great for small spaces – my nephew in Brooklyn is getting a set!

Grace + Eve Peg Doll Bean Cups

I’m making a conscious effort to purge the plastic and only buy play items that will last and can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of ages. I think these peg dolls and cups have great flexibility because they can be used for sorting, building, and pretending, AND they are beautiful to have on display in the house. I also really like that the peg dolls do not have faces. Children have more opportunity to experiment with a variety of emotions and feelings–a huge piece of social emotional learning.


To learn more about Anna and Kids Live to Learn Consulting, visit the Facebook page.

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