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Marriage, Dirty Dishes, and Why I Paint Appliances

Marriage, Dirty Dishes, and Why I Paint Appliances


It started with a dishwasher.

After moving in with my boyfriend (now husband) Lee 11 years ago, I discovered our “differing philosophies” when it came to caring for dishes and dishwasher etiquette. Following a particularly heated dish-care argument, I felt compelled to paint our dishwasher.

I started viewing appliances as icons.

Lee and I started registering for wedding gifts, and I started thinking about gender roles and expectations post-marriage.  Who was supposed to use these appliances?  I noticed my friends registering for similar items, as if a stand mixer had become a pre-requisite for marriage, even if it was rarely or never used.  I felt certain appliances had become status symbols.

I even canonize some appliances by painting halos over them, and in bigger pieces I mimic the structure of early Renaissance paintings, replacing the Madonna and child with appliances.

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What to Bring to Maplewoodstock

Maplewoodstock Must Haves

— by Deborah Engel

It’s my favorite time of year, Maplewoodstock! My husband and I moved to Maplewood – pre-kids – nine years ago and have attended every single one since. Our needs have changed over the years, but there are certain products that sure do come in handy at the two-day music festival. Here’s my curated list:

Outdoor Blanket: $36 from Biddle and Bop
The #1 must-have so you can claim your spot on the grass.




Corkcicle Cup: $24.95 from Kitchen a la Mode
Stemless, insulated wine cup with lid to keep the bugs out. Perfect to hold your rose. Keeps cold for 9 hours.



Binoculars: $24.75 from Toy Division.
Real binoculars, so your kids can see the stage, and you can sit and relax.




Sketch pad and Pencils, $24.00 from Hopscotch
An easy activity for your little artist.




Paddle Ball: $5 from Toy Division
So easy to throw into your bag and bound to keep your kid occupied for a bit.




Fair Trade Tinted Lip Balm: $6.50 from Erin’s Faces
Throw this in your pocket to hydrate your lips with a touch of color.




Unicorn Snot Sun Tan Lotion: $20 from MOD Studio
You’ll never battle your child again. And may even want to use it yourself. MOD Studio, $20.




Oasis Linear Earring: $48 from Alysian
These wear-with-everything mixed metal earrings are low key and cool for any music fest.




His and Her Flip Flops: $20 from Sadies
Makes it easy to dance barefoot in the grass.




Botanically Dyed Children’s Tank: $28 from a_db botanical color
Keep your kid cool in this botanically dyed tank.




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