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Experience Gifts

Give the Gift of Experience!

This holiday season consider giving gifts that bring people together for fun experiences!  Check out the experiences offered by some of our members from a craft chocolate tasting to family art lessons to delicious food.

Design your own Clothes & Accessories

At Mod Studio’s design bar, kids and adults can customize clothing or accessories with patches and trim.  Gift cards are available on Mod Studio’s General Store shop site.  This makes a fantastic gift for kids of all ages!

Knitting Lessons & Parties

Plan a special time with your little knitter or friends, with either a mommy-and-child knitting lesson or a knit-and-sip party.  Browse Kari’s Kits’ General Store page to find out more.

Family Art Lessons

Jennie Traill-Schaeffer is a teaching artist who will customize a group art lesson for you and your family or friends.  Learn more.  View Jennie’s artwork, including custom ornaments and pet portraits on her General Store shop page.

A Craft Chocolate Experience

Nadine Kerstan of Artisan Nutrition will create a chocolate sanctuary for you and your friends and guide you through the nuances of each chocolate you savor.  Visit Nadine’s General Store shop page to find out more.

Family Photo Shoot

Capture the magic of your family for yourself and posterity with a gift certificate for a family photo shoot with Live Love Lens Photography’s Jamie Meier, photographer of Purple Maplewood that graces our home page.  Visit Jamie’s General Store shop page to find out more and browse her collection of stunning photography.

Enjoy a Meal Together

Plan a family-friendly, affordable meal at NJ Monthly Magazine pick Stony’s Burgers in South Orange.  Gift cards for Stony’s are available on Stony’s General Store shop page.