Tutorial 103:  How to Create Variable Products

Variable products are basically products with options like size and color.  This can be tricky the first time you do it, but once you go through the process, it will make more sense.

Go to your vendor dashboard.

Click Add Product, and follow the instructions from Tutorial 102 on how to add a product.

But when you get to the field called Product Type, you will chose Variable Product from the drop-down menu.

Next will you click on the Attributes tab and then click Select an attribute.  You will see a series of attributes appear in the drop-down menu; e.g. color, size.  If you need an attribute that is not listed.  Contact me, and I can add it for you.

Select your desired attribute and then click Add.

Now you’re ready to chose which colors you’d like to make available to your customers.  Make sure the “visible on product page” and “used for variations” boxes are both checked.  If you’re not seeing this screen, click Expand.


Click in the Value(s) box, and you will see a list of colors to chose from.  If you don’t see the color you want, notify me and I will add it for you.

Now you’re ready to click on the Variations tab.

You’ll see “Add variation” in drop-down menu, and you’ll click the blue Go button next to it.

If you’d like customers to have a default choice preselected for them, you can chose one from the Default Form Values, or you can keep “No default” selected.

Now you’re ready to set up your first variation.  Select the variation you’d like to set up from the drop-down menu.

Then, click either the upside-down triangle or “Expand” to see all of the available choices.

If you’d like to add a picture of the variation, click the square box to do so.  The variation picture will display instead of the product featured image when a customer clicks on that variation choice.

Then you can fill in the rest of the information about the variation.  Price is required, but you don’t need to add any of the other information unless there is something differs about this variation from the other variation choices.  You can also add a variation description if there is something about this variation that you’d like to make customers aware of.

You can also check the Manage Stock box if you’d like to set the amount of inventory you have of this specific variation.  For example, if you only have two of your product in the color Black, you will set the inventory number to 2.

Here’s an example of how your variations will show up on the front end to customers.


You’ll see that when I select Frame Color/white, the featured image changes to the painting in a white frame, the price changes, and a description of the framed painting shows up.

Remember to click Save Draft throughout this process and click Add Product when you’re ready to submit it to me for approval.

You can repeat the above process to add multiple attributes and variables for each attribute.  For example, you may want to offer different sizes and colors of a particular product.  See example below.