Tutorial 104: How to Get Paid

Tutorial 104: How to Get Paid

We have it set up so your money will be deposited directly into your account almost instantaneously.  Stripe will process credit card payments:  Stripe will send General Store our 3.5%, retain its 2.0% + .30/transaction credit card processing fee, and deposit the remainder in your account.

Here’s how you ensure your General Store vendor account is set up to make this happen.

Go to your vendor dashboard.

Click on Settings.

Click on Payment.

DO NOT enter your PayPal address.  It is not necessary.

Click on the blue “Connect with Stripe” button.

Enter your bank account information where you’d like to have your payment deposited.


Click the blue button to finish.


Already have a stripe account? Click on login, and enter your login credentials and your account will be connected.


If you successfully linked your stripe account, you will see this green bar.



You did it!