Tutorial 105: How to Set Up your Shipping/Return Policies

Click on Settings and then Shipping from your vendor dashboard.

You will see three columns, 1. local, 2. semi-local, and 3. national.  As a reminder local= South Orange and Maplewood, Semi-local=the towns that circle us, and national=the rest of the country.

Go into each column and enter the default shipping policies for each zone for your store.  (You can alter this for specific products that might be more expensive or cheaper to ship/deliver by clicking the “shipping” tab on the specific product.)

For example, if you want LOCAL customers to get free shipping when they spend $25 or more in your store, you’d write “25” in the “Minimum Spend” field.  And if you want them to pay $5 if they don’t meet the free delivery requirements, you’d enter $5 in the “Change Delivery Fee to” column.

And then you repeat the steps for the other 2 zones.  In the example below, I changed the minimum spend for free shipping for the semi-local zone to $35, and the delivery fee (if customer spends less than $35) to $10.  Repeat with the 3rd column to set the delivery fees, etc. for national customers outside of our local zones.

If you don’t want to have customers outside of a certain zone, you can check the box under that column.  In the example below, I’ve checked the box to disable shipping to customers in the national zone.  This means I will only offer delivery options to local and semi-local customers.

You will also need to specify the amount of time it will take for customers to receive their deliveries for each zone.  In the example below, I’ve set up my shop to deliver to local customers within 2 days, semi-local within 5 days, and all others within 15 days.

Ignore the next several fields, and scroll down to the Shipping Policies and Return Policy boxes.

Enter a verbal description of your shipping and return policies.  These will show up on each product page as a tab customers can click on to view.

Save your changes!