Tutorial 106: Custom Orders and Private Listings

If you’d like to offer custom services through our site, this is how you can do it.

1.) First, you set up a general custom listing.  2.) Second, after a customer contacts you and you decide on the custom order and how much it will cost, you set up and email him/her a private listing with the agreed-upon price.

1.) Set up a custom listing

Start adding a new product as usual but give it a title to make clear it’s a custom item.  E.g. Custom sweater, Custom Piece, etc.

In the description make sure you state prominently, something like:  please contact me for pricing information and your email address.  See example below.

Select “custom creative services” as your category.

Upload whatever photo you’d like to use.  It could be an example of a custom product, your logo, etc.  You can use the image gallery to include more examples.

You can leave “simple product” selected.  And leave price field empty.

Now click “add product.”

2.) After a customer contacts you about a custom order and you come up with a price for the project, create a private listing for that customer, so he/she can pay you.

Add a new product.  Give it a title like “custom sweater for John Doe” or whatever that customers name is.

And then add the price you agreed upon in the price field, and click “submit product.”  Once the product is approved, you can email the customer a link, so they can add it to their cart and pay.

Click on the product from your vendor dashboard, and copy the URL for it.

And then paste the URL into an email to your customer.

You’re done!